Audi Sports Cars in Ohio

Audi Sport is the backbone of the Audi brand. Modern Audi engineering began this era of exceptional sport models in the 1960's, but the ongoing legacy of Audi began all the way back in 1899, when the brand was first founded. Since that time, Audi made leaps and bounds across European and American lines, placing itself at the forefront of German-led engineering on both sides of the pond. Since the debut models and racer-ready legacy first took off, Audi launched a powerhouse of sports-eque models that give you a racetrack feel in a city-street design. Audi Sport® DNA thrives inside each of our sports cars, from the elusive R8 to the new RS line, and the A3 and A8 staples. No matter where your adventures take you on the road ahead, an Audi sports car can get you there in record time with deluxe engineering and dynamic engine options to meet and exceed your expectations. Our prestigious lineup of road-ready rides is available for your perusal in store and online here at Audi Columbus, so you can have the full Audi experience no matter where you're situated. If you don't see something that strikes your fancy straight away, have no fear. There's always a new lineup of Audi models in the works, and the latest and greatest technological feats are available for you to view on our site. We regularly update our list of available sport models so you are in the know with everything we have here in Columbus. If you have questions, or you're ready to take the jump into German engineering and you're wanting to schedule a test drive to see which Audi calls to you, give us a call or stop in today at 341 N. Hamilton Road in Columbus, OH.

Audi Sport® DNA and Race-Ready Rides

A love of sports cars and racetrack-ready driving lives and thrives in your DNA. We've said it ourselves for years: It's not that lonely at the top. Our sport DNA is epitomized inside the likeliness of sedans, coupes, sportbacks, SUVs, certified race cars, and more. Featured models like the R8 coupe are a speed-lovers dream with a whopping 602 horsepower and 413 lb/ft of torque to make the wind whistle as you pass by. All that power is courtesy of a thunderous V10 engine making this new model a heartstopping feat of German mechanics. The R8 Spyder is a supercar that delivers show-quality performance for your arrival, and with a convertible top you can choose to feel the wind beneath your fingertips or closed up for a more personal ride. Staples to the Audi Sport model lineup include the RS line with the green e-tron® GT, RS Q8, RS 7 Sportback, RS 6 Avant, RS 5 Sportback, RS 5 Coupe and the RS 3 Sedan across the latest lineup. Sports cars pack precision and power into a package that can take sloping highways and curving racetracks by storm, without sacrificing comfort and quality for edgy performance. Give us a call or stop in to experience luxury sports cars here in Ohio.

Due to ongoing parts shortage issues impacting global production, the availability of some equipment, options or features may be limited. Please contact your local Audi Dealer for more information, and be sure to verify the vehicle you purchase includes all expected features and equipment. Thank you for your patience as we work to navigate these limitations.