New Audi Electric and Hybrid Model Research Information in Columbus, OH

When it's time to consider a new ride, you might be interested to know that there's another choice other than traditional gas-powered engines. Technology is an ever-growing and ever-changing thing, and with new waves of powertrain integration, there are greener, eco-friendly options for your next ride. Here at Audi Columbus, we respect the environment around us, and want to do our part to help ensure that we are reducing C02 emissions and helping to cut down on our carbon footprint. Part of the way to do that is to explore and expand the EV and hybrid market. All-electric vehicles are fast becoming one of the most sought-after powertrains available. For a long time there was a negative stigma around EVs, because drivers believed there would be a large loss to power, precision, comfort, or a combination of the three if they chose an eco-friendly option. With the advancements made to electric powertrains and charge times for each engine type, there's more and more of a draw to EV models. Because of this, electric vehicles receive the same love and care as every other model offered by Audi, meaning that you'll still get luxury engineering partnered with power. EV powertrains are adaptable and offer high horsepower and longer range so you can still feel the thrum of excitement whenever you slip behind the wheel.

New Audi e-tron® GT Model Comparisons

New Audi e-tron® GT Comparisons

    New Audi Q4 e-tron® Model Comparisons

    New Audi Q4 e-tron® Comparisons

      New Audi e-tron® Model Comparisons

      New Audi e-tron® Comparisons

      New Audi e-tron® Sportback Model Comparisons

      New Audi e-tron® Sportback Comparisons

      Audi works hard to provide options so you don't feel limited when you go a greener route. We offer several EV and hybrid models to fit your lifestyle while reducing your carbon footprint. This year Audi offers three exclusive options for EV models, including the e-tron® GT, the Q4 e-tron® and the Q8 e-tron®. With three unique body styles and options to choose from, you can still select a model that's ideal for you while keeping your mind on reducing emissions. These EVs offer a longer range so you don't have to worry about a quick trip to the market draining your ride, and allows you to cover many miles before you'll need to recharge. Your budget will benefit from no longer having to frequent gas stations. You get high MPGe with the e-tron® models, so you can travel between cities and find a handy charging station without fretting about your ride. As EVs grow in popularity, so does the accessibility for charging stations on the go.

      If making the full jump to an all-electric ride just isn't what you had in mind, Audi does offer hybrid options. The new Q5 offers a hybrid trim that allows both gas-powered and electric-charging to give you a precision drive. Each model year, our hybrid models improve and change, so it's always a good idea to take a peek and see what the latest lineup has in store. Or if you need to see how a hybrid or all-electric vehicle handles, stop in and visit us here in Columbus for a test drive. We can't wait to help you slip behind the wheel of a new Audi.