Stoplights just got

less frustrating.


Audi will soon be introducing a start-stop efficiency system on select models.


Similar to systems previously found only in hybrid vehicles, this system can lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions* by automatically shutting off your engine while you wait at a traffic signal or during certain stop-and-go driving conditions. Once you are ready to resume moving forward, the engine will restart nearly instantaneously.


The start-stop system will not activate when crucial vehicle systems require power, such as when the vehicle is warming up, the desired interior temperature has not been reached, there are extreme outside temperatures or while the windshield is being defrosted.


It is also possible to deactivate the system at any time via a control located just below the Audi multimedia panel or MMI® display (a yellow light indicates that the system is turned off).



*For example: In the 2012 Audi A8, the start-stop system can lower CO2 emissions by as much as 12.87 g/mile during a normal driving cycle. Your mileage will vary. This information must be used in conjunction with the information in the Audi Owner's manuals. Please refer to the Owner's Manuals for all information and warnings.