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Today's new clean diesel variants have gained wide acceptance due to their unique characteristics including excellent performance, high fuel-efficiency, low-emissions output and low-maintenance.

Audi is a recognized leader in the design, development and sales of diesel engine vehicles. In Europe, where more than 50% of all vehicles sold each year are diesel powered, Audi clearly ranks as a leading brand.


Audi TDI® Brings a New Era to the USA

Hybrid-level efficiency without its disadvantages: Audi TDI® means enjoying a new kind of driving pleasure with a clear conscience. Audi TDI® combines efficiency with sportiness and superior luxury. Audi TDI® protects resources and is designed for tomorrow's world.

Audi will be putting the cleanest diesel engine technology in the world into production vehicles in the USA. The Audi Q7 TDI® 3.0 with the ultra-low emission system will initially be available and the Audi A3 TDI® 2.0 clean diesel is to be introduced to the USA in the fourth quarter 2009 as a 2010 model year vehicle.

Explore this section to learn more about the advantages of Audi TDI® and the vehicles offering this cutting-edge technology.

Audi TDI

TDI® Experience

TDI® clean diesel power is much more than an engine technology. It provides an opportunity to significantly decrease our dependence on foreign oil and counter the effects of global warming.

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Audi TDI

20 Years of Audi TDI®

Audi is the pioneer in turbocharged diesel engines with direct injection. Explore the engines, highlights and technologies from the last 20 years of Audi TDI®.

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The TDI® clean diesel Cause

Audi  is proud to support the first project in The Nature Conservancy's  voluntary carbon offset program, the Tensas River Basin project. Help us  reach our goal.



Audi TDI

20 Good Reasons for Audi TDI®

There are hundreds of reasons Audi TDI® is perfect for both performance and efficiency. But here you will find our top 20 very compelling reasons to love TDI®.



Audi TDI

The Superior Principle

Superior performance on all levels can only be rightfully claimed when judged in real world environments and conditions. TDI® excels in all categories including what could be considered the most important: Public opinion.


Audi TDI

At the Top for the Past Two Decades

Since we introduced the first TDI® engine in 1989, demand for this remarkable technology has led to half of all Audi vehicles to be equipped with TDI®. And more than half of all new cars sold in Europe today are diesel-powered.


Audi TDI

A3 TDI® 2.0

The ultra-efficient A3 TDI® 2.0 delivers astonishing fuel economy without sacrficing the performance Audi is famous for.



Audi TDI

Q7 TDI® 3.0

The remarkable fuel range, efficiency and performance of TDI® perfectly suits the Audi Q7. Additionally, the versatility of the Audi Q7 combined with classic Audi luxury make the Audi Q7 TDI® 3.0 a perfect vehicle for any situation.


Audi TDI

R10 V12 TDI®

No other vehicle in modern motorsports has made an impact like the Audi R10 V12 TDI®. Truly a breakthrough racecar, the R10 not only exceeded expectations, it shattered them.



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