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From the very beginning, advanced technology has been at the very heart of the Audi DNA. In practice, this means the relentless pursuit of new and better solutions to the automotive challenges of an ever-changing world. From quattro® all-wheel-drive to FSI® direct injection, Truth in Engineering® means safer, more efficient, and more brilliantly satisfying cars to drive.

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Audi e-tron™ technology

From a range of advanced Audi e-tron vehicles to the A3 e-tron pilot program, Audi is establishing potential for plug-in vehicles as progressive luxury car buyers become increasingly receptive to EV technology.

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Automatic start-stop

Similar to systems previously found only in hybrid vehicles, this system can lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions1 by automatically shutting off your engine while you wait at a traffic signal or stop-and-go traffic.

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Audi LED headlight technology

Audi revolutionized vehicle lighting with the first full-LED headlights appearing on the Audi R8 in 2008. Today, the use of LED technology helps create a look that's iconic and unmistakeably Audi ? even in the dark of night.

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The technologically advanced quattro® all-wheel drive system senses wheels with the most traction and in turn delivers power to those wheels. Quite simply, quattro® is power where you need it, when you need it? regardless of conditions.

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Audi TDI

Audi TDI®

Audi TDI® features clean diesel technology which makes it the cleanest burning diesel technology in the world. It also delivers eye-opening performance while offering longer range and better fuel efficiency.

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FSI® (Fuel Stratified Injection) defies physics by offering more power while at the same time offering greater fuel efficiency.

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Audi Space Frame

Audi Space Frame (ASF®)

ASF® utilizes state-of-the-art technology and materials to create a space frame body made of aluminum that offers increased stiffness for enhanced handling performance as well as a significant reduction in weight.

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The MMI® is the nerve center offering control over a number of systems such as the radio as well as other available systems such as navigation and your iPod® via the Audi music interface.

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Technology Tutorials

Technology Tutorials

The technology site allows users to sit in the front seat, select their Audi model and view tutorials about exclusive Audi technologies such as Audi MMI® and Audi connect™ for a true first-hand learning experience.

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