Audi connect™ help

myAudi Accounts

What is the purpose of a myAudi account?

Registering your vehicle on myAudi will enable you to fully utilize the functionality of the Audi connect™ system. Your myAudi account can be established and managed at This account allows you to manage destinations from any internet browser and download them from your car. Once your myAudi account has been successfully paired to your vehicle, you'll receive a PIN code that will be used to establish your first online connection.

How do I access myAudi destinations from my car?

These destinations must be imported into your vehicle's system. You import myAudi destinations into the system the same way you would import phone contacts. To import destinations into your Audi connect™ system, complete the following steps:

- Beginning in telephone mode, select Directory.

- Once within Directory, choose Memory located in the lower right.

- Still inside Memory, select Import contacts.

- Finally, select myAudi account.

You can also reach your myAudi destinations by using Online Destinations in your vehicle's MMI. To use this method to reach your myAudi Destinations, complete the following steps:

- First, select Destination located in the lower right.

- Once within Destination, choose Online Destinations.

- From Online Destinations, select Find Destinations from myAudi Account.


How do I access myAudi destinations from the myAudi portal?

To access your myAudi destinations, complete the following steps:

- First, visit and go to myAudi.

- Once within your myAudi homepage, select Manage Destinations.

Destinations stored in your myAudi account must have been sent by Google Maps to Audi using your myAudi username. To learn how to send a destinations from Google Maps, complete the following steps:

- First, visit Google Maps and conduct a search for your chosen destination.

- Once the search result has been displayed, click on the map pin to reveal your destination info.

- In the lower right corner of the destination's mini-page, select More.

- Once you select More, it becomes a drop down menu. Choose Send.

- From the list of links in the upper left corner, select Car.

- Once you choose your car make, a new field will automatically appear that says, My Account. Enter your email address here.

- Add the destination to your MMI.

- Hit send.