Audi connect™

Google™ Voice Local Search

Keep your eyes on the road as you search for a destination using Google™ Voice Local Search.* Simply say Online Destinations plus any point of interest you're looking for and it will appear on the MMI display.

Navigating hands-free is as easy as 1-2-3 with the Push to Talk button on the steering wheel. Just push the button and say, Online Destinations. This feature combines the power of Audi's onboard recognition with the cloud processing of Google™ speech recognition and their local point-of-interest database. The connected free-text voice search lets you choose your destination and activate your route guidance completely hands-free while letting you concentrate on your main task - driving.

Voice-enabled search gives you hands-free convenience by retrieving search results based on a specified location and a specific search term. Results are displayed in list form for easy scrolling, or on the map to show proximity to current location.

*The speech recognition technology in Audi connect™ may not recognize or return results for all spoken words. A safe search feature is built into the Google speech recognition engine and no results may be delivered if profanity is detected. Availability and performance of the Audi connect™ speech recognition system is dependent on the presence and quality of a mobile network connection. The ability to access other services does not mean that the mobile network quality is sufficient to process spoken words. For the North American market, the Audi connect™ speech recognition system supports the following languages: U.S. English, North American Spanish, and Canadian French.